Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

 Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a light rhythmic hands on technique designed to stimulate and cleanse the body's fluid system. It helps to move the stagnant lymph fluids through the connective tissues of the body. 

Lymphatic drainage therapy is used to help maintain a healthy immune system by: 

Increasing active fluid circulation, draining toxins, stimulating the lymph system, and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Lymphatic drainage therapy is also very helpful in reducing swelling due to injury or surgery. It helps to reduce chronic pain and muscle spasms. Lymphatic drainage is very helpful after plastic surgery, especially liposuction, aiding a quicker recovery time. It can also help to reduce congestion and puffiness in the face.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy can help alleviate the following:

Chronic pain



Chronic sinusitis 


Ear aches 

Chronic ear aches 




Breast feeding issues

Pre/Post surgical

Inflammation from removal of lymph nodes

Inflammation post mastectomy

Inflammation post radiation/chemo therapy